Some people are simply born to present and Mike has proven that he is one of them; charismatic, funny and intelligent – his ability to have even the most guarded audience members on the edge of their seat is impressive. It is essential that a keynote speaking has the ability to not only deliver the content, but to deliver it in a way that is engaging, emotive and entertaining. Mike is a natural story teller, which allows him to easily communicate scientifically founded ideas in a much more accessible, meaningful and interesting way. 


"They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel."


– Carl W. Buechner


Mike’s natural ability for public speaking was first recognised at age 16, when he applied for and was awarded a French advocate exchange scholarship as the only applicant who didn’t speak a word of French. Mike was shortlisted from hundreds and later informed that he was chosen purely based on his exceptional skills at engaging the audience and his confidence when speaking with the panel. This inspired a young Mike to take this innate ability to the next level; science communication (translation). To teach complex ideas in a way that makes them readily understood and available to each and every audience member, by delivering them in a fun and entertaining way.   

Mike now presents psychoeducation and success coaching daily to a variety of audiences; following almost 15 years of study and practical application as a Mental Health Therapist across two continents. With tertiary studies in Applied Science and Health Sciences, Mike is not your typical one dimensional health professional; he can answer any related questions with an impressive depth of knowledge and colourful examples to boot. His favourite topics are geared towards health, wellbeing and success. For every individual or societal problem he offers real life solutions. Much of his knowledge is experiential, demonstrated in his amazing stories from his career and life; from anxiety management via bungy jumping in New Zealand to playing pool with convicted psychopaths in London.  

Mike takes his presenting roll seriously, pushing the boundaries of conventional approaches to problems that affect us all.   

With a full time career in mental health and two side businesses, Mike’s enthusiasm and drive are contagious. He will speak to you about your thoughts, health and relationships in such a way that you will be left thinking that he has been living inside your head for years. He has an unquenchable thirst to find solutions and learn about what makes humans tick (individually and socially). 

His presentations are driven by passion and genuine interest.  



Described as a ‘stresspert’ some of Mike’s favourite topics include:

-         Food and Mood: What We Eat Matters 

-        Mindfulness: Stress, Sleep and Focus

-        5 Stress Hacks (That Work) 

-        Unhelpful Thinking Styles - DIY Repair Kit

-         Dopamine, Motivation And Achieving Your Goals