There comes a moment in everyone’s life that we realise we might need some help getting where we want to go. There is no better way to fast track ones progress towards health, balance and success than by seeking council in a qualified and experienced professional. If you are at the point of being frustrated with yourself, others or your circumstances; then Mike will support you to take positive action. 


I saw Mike throughout the set up of my agency, as I was struggling to focus and manage the stressful workload. His techniques truly changed the way I approached my business. I had a clearer head and purpose. Looking after my mental well-being during this period definitely increased the quality of my work. I plan to continue seeing Mike throughout my career. 

- Emma Daley, Director of Animate Communications Ltd


Following almost 15 years of study (tertiary Applied Science and Health Sciences) and clinical practice as a Mental Health Therapist, Mike has developed methods of super-charging the progress that his clients make towards their goals. He can help in shifting habits, realising strengths and potential or generally get things back into a balanced state. Despite Mike’s clinical background, he doesn’t come across as your typical “lay down on the couch” type therapist; a business owner himself, he prefers to meet real people, in real settings, and have real life changing discussions. Due to his relaxed and friendly nature Mike will put you at ease, whilst instilling a strong undertone of inspiration and empowerment. 

Mike’s drive and passion are contagious and you will find yourself within the first session beginning to not just think you can make positive change, but knowing exactly how you are going to do it. Mike is a gifted communicator and enjoys inspiring others to stop thinking and start doing. He continues to offer 1:1 support not out of necessity, but due to a love of seeing individuals make sustainable progress. 

Due to Mike’s selectivity regarding clients, you can be certain that once you have commenced working with him, you will occupy his full focus and faith in you. You will be supported to follow your goals through to their successful completion. 

Mike’s passion, knowledge and skill set are best suited to the following: 

  • Stress and Anxiety Management 
  • Constructive Communication 
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Reaching Your Potential
  • Getting Motivated and Achieving More 
  • Nutrition and Gut Health 
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Relationship Counselling 
  • Finding Purpose and Meaning 

Prior to booking your free 30 minute phone consult you will need to have considered the following: 

What do I want? Why do I want it? 

If you are clear about what you want, and hope to work with someone that is trustworthy, passionate and experienced - then working with Mike will allow you to exceed your current expectations of what you believe you are capable of.   

If you are ready, then the next step is to have a chat.