Having always had a scientific mind, Mike completed two years of Applied Science and four of a Health Science degree. Now a qualified Mental Health Therapist, having worked across two continents, he pushes the boundaries of wellness and performance due to his belief that the industry has lost its way, holding on to out-dated ideas and monetized propaganda.

Mike is passionate about positive psychology, neuroscience and lifestyle. His daily ‘brain gym’ consists of 90 minutes of reading, 8 hours of teaching and support, whilst always testing strategies on himself during down time.  

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Having grown up in country Victoria - water-skiing, playing tennis, competitive junior golf, football and camping; an active lifestyle comes naturally to him. On any given week he can be seen riding his bike to work, playing tennis at lunch, yoga in the evenings and training with his local football team.

There is no faster way to bring a smile to Mike’s face than to propose a game of, well… anything.

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Mike understands the importance of slowing down to enjoy moments of fun, mindfulness and nature. In fact, due to his country background the latter has proven paramount to him feeling grounded throughout his many private and professional ventures. Mike now places high priority on practicing yoga, mindfulness, walks in natural settings, gratitude journaling and simply having a laugh.

As productivity and cognitive focus are no longer a struggle, balancing his hyper-productive mindset is essential in maintaining health, happiness and wellbeing.  


Something that has changed your life or outlook?

Radical diet changes and yoga.

Who do you picture when you think of success? 

Manoj Bhargava. The guy who created the 5-hour energy drink, made billions and is now dedicating 99% of his wealth to changing the planet for the better. What a legend. He seems really happy too.

What projects are you working on at the moment? 

I am working on creating a method of intervention that will actually cure organic anxiety and depression rather than just addressing symptoms.

Favourite hack to remain focused during a long day? 

I start the day by identifying priorities. I then focus my mind and constantly top up my dopamine by acknowledging small checkpoints of progress and breaking tasks down into achievable chunks.

A book that you think everyone should read?  

A good starting point for most is 'The Happiness Trap' by Russ Harris.

A quote that has stuck with you? 

We do not sing because we are happy, we are happy because we sing. – William James 

How do you stay motivated?

I have learnt a way to side-step motivation, strengthened the part of my brain associated with self discipline and emotional regulation.

Something that you remind yourself of regularly? 

What we have is enough, and any more is a bonus.  

What is your biggest vice? 

I have a predisposition for stress. If I let myself slip for a week or two the wheels can start coming off. My monkey mind can get the better of me, telling me things that I believe in that moment.

Something everyone would benefit from doing daily? 

Proper mindfulness and meditation. There is a difference between this and generic relaxation. 

A piece of advice that you hear yourself saying often to clients? 

If you want to start your journey towards being more healthy, happy and balanced, you need to start at the most unexpected place; your gut.