"If you do not change direction, you might end up where you are heading" - Lao Tzu


With over 15 years experience of tertiary study, practice and teaching; Mike has developed effective ways of unlocking our mind's naturally clear state. Specialising in methods that improve motivation, focus and productivity; he has an insatiable drive to learn, teach and empower positive change in others.


"Possibly the most engaging speaker that I have heard. Mike was passionate, knowledgeable and really got me thinking about some things that I had never really questioned before."

- Simon Van Dam, Director of Backcare & Seating


With all framework resting heavily on modern health science and common sense, it is refreshing to have someone able to shed light on why it is that we often find ourselves feeling so stressed, disconnected and generally exhausted.


KEYNOTE speaker

Mike is known as a very passionate and knowledgeable speaker who has fun engaging with all audiences. Attendees walk away with a different perspective when it comes to health, business and mindset.

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Private consultations

Work with Mike privately to fast-track your progress towards meaningful goals. Having worked with hundreds of people during his career, Mike will support you to achieve more when it comes to focus, productivity and wellbeing

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